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Disclaimer and apology:

This blog is my story and opinion.
It is placed here on our blog website. And, for that, I apologize.
You see, we are no longer a “music ministry,” per se, at least not like we once were. We do have an internet radio station where we share several genres of Christian music; but, we do not advertise, nor do we ask for donations or contributions and we do not sell anything here or anywhere else. Some people, though, take exception to our posting politically motivated articles or videos. They apparently do not feel we have a right to express a political opinion if we also in the same breath confess our faith in the Messiah, Yeshua (Jesus). Naturally, that makes us sad. However, they too have a right to their opinion!

I remember…

The year I became interested in politics.  I guess I was about 12 years old.  Eisenhower was running against Adlai Stevenson.  Television sets had just come out.  We watched the debates on our first TV set.  I proudly wore my “I LIKE IKE” button.  My dad and his best friend, the bass player in his band, would get into “spirited” discussions over their political views.  Daddy favored Eisenhower and Atlee favored Stevenson.  They loved each other, as did their wives.   My mom and Etoy were best friends.  They would never have dreamed of canceling out the other’s opinion, or belittling the other one because of their opinion!  They most likely could not understand how the other one could think or believe the way they did, but it did not affect their friendship, how they spoke to one another,  or their relationship.

My, how times have changed.

You are not allowed to study the issues, gather information from selected sources, and form your own opinion…if it differs from the established mainstream media.

Nowadays, you cannot speak to a group of students on a college campus if you are of a particular political persuasion.  If you happen to utter a politically incorrect word or phrase while at the copy machine or coffee bar at work, you could lose your job, perhaps your whole career and life would be ruined!  Not only that, but someone could accuse you of doing something twenty or thirty years prior, and you are guilty… until proven innocent!  And you then have to go to enormous effort to try to prove a negative!

Censorship is very real today.  Our whole country has been turned upside down. 

We allowed it to happen.  But do we have to accept it?


Freedom of thought…freedom of assembly…freedom of persuasion…freedom of speech???

Yes. We have recourse.

All provided by the United States Constitution. We are a Constitutional Republic.

No. We are not a democracy.

We are a Constitutional Republic. Look it up.

I wrote this entry quite a while ago….while we were still on Facebook. I thought I had posted it here as well as on FB but could not find it here. So, that is why it is posted now. It is amazing to me how the people who claim to be the “tolerant” ones, the ones who are not racist or discriminatory, are the very ones who cannot stand to hear someone else’s view if it disagrees with theirs!

Well, judgment day is coming…it will all come out in the wash, as my Mama used to say.

Until next time,


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