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Truth…we all want it, right? We all say that’s what we are pursuing, right? But, sometimes when we are confronted with it, it makes us uncomfortable, right? We are going through some tough times right now…we definitely need to know where to go to find the Truth!

We have quoted our friend, J. D. Link, before, but this time we give you his complete article, from his daily “Quote for the Day.”

“Now therefore, behold, the LORD hath put a lying spirit in the mouth of all these thy prophets…”

1 Kings 22:23

“Evil king Ahab had his 400 “yes men” who called themselves prophets; but had lying spirits. Ahab hated the true prophet, Micaiah, because he would tell him the truth – which was never pleasant to the ears of a scoundrel like Ahab. When his 400 false prophets said, “Go to war, you will win”; Micaiah said, “these guys are lying – you’re going to die”. So, does Micaiah get a “thank you” for telling him the truth? No, Ahab throws him into prison. 

“It amazes me how many preachers – even big name TV preachers – have advocated and encouraged their people to take this death jab. “It’s a good thing, safe and effective… show you “love thy neighbor” and take it… If Jesus were on earth today, He would take it… it is a sin not to take it and may end you up in Hell… you have to sit over there away from everyone if you don’t take it… “.  Yes, all of this has been said by preachers.

“A year ago – perhaps even six months ago – this rhetoric may have been excused as ignorance and naivete. We may have been able to say, “They think they’re doing good; they just haven’t done the research; they’re just listening to the government and mainstream news; etc.”. Not anymore. At this point, you have to seriously question the motives of these people. Any preacher still advocating this jab has a lying spirit – just like the 400 prophets of Ahab (only, I don’t believe its from the Lord). They are telling people to do something that is going to get them killed – just like Ahab. My advice? Run from preachers still promoting the poison prick.

“Unfortunately, just like Micaiah, the preachers who are telling people the truth are demonized. “You’re a conspiracy theorist…. you don’t care about people… you’re church services are “super spreader” events…you’re not following Jesus and loving thy neighbor… you have blood on your hands… etc.” Of course, what else should you expect from lying spirits? They tell lies. They’re fools at best – evil at worst.

Do you want truth? Here are the latest numbers from the CDC VAERS (a voluntary system representing 1% to 10% of the actual, according to Harvard). [Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System] This means the numbers below are in reality much greater.

463,456 adverse reactions
10,991 deaths (for you locals, that’s the entire population of Fredericksburg, TX – man, woman and child – DEAD)
30,781 hospitalizations
59,402 urgent care
82,535 office visits
2,487 anaphylaxis
2,885 bell’s palsy
9,274 disabled
19,814 severe allergic reaction
3,906 heart attacks
1,703 miscarriages
2,466 myocarditis

“Go here to see the above data: And this is better than a cold we have a 99.9% of surviving? Did you know most “delta variant” cases are in va$$cinated people? Wake up. I could give you a lot more information than this, but space doesn’t permit. However, I believe the above information alone should make up the mind of anyone who isn’t totally brainwashed. Sadly, like Ahab, many Christians are going to continue to ignore the truth-tellers and listen to the lying prophets. And, like Ahab, they’re going to be injured and they’re going to die. It may take another year or so for some; but the experts (the real ones, not the TV docs) are basically unanimous on this.

“I don’t claim to be a prophet, but I am a watchman (Ezk 33:1-7). As a watchman, I warn you: DO NOT TAKE THAT SHOT FOR ANY REASON. Avoid it like the plague, because that’s what it is. If you’ve taken it, you need to start praying for deliverance and healing; and start believing in miracles. This is not hyperbole. It’s way past time for the saints to awaken out of their zombie stupor and see what’s really gong on in the (new) world (order). 

“Tomorrow, I will send out a prayer I wrote for those with “jab remorse”. If there’s any hope of getting this stuff out of you, it will only be found in The Lord Jesus Christ. He is the gracious and loving God of the impossible.

“In HIS Love,”
Pastor J.D. Link

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