I just have to share this….  I know that most think that I dwell on “bible, religion,” or “things spiritual” way too much for their taste.  But I have come to the ‘place’ in my life where, if I believe the Bible is true (and I do), if I believe that God is, indeed, the Creator of the Universe (and I believe He is), and “He is the same yesterday, today,  & forever,” then… I simply MUST place all that at the top of my priorities.  Gene and I began several years ago taking the Bible for what it plainly says….and we found out that it does NOT contradict itself…that Jesus (Yeshua) and His disciples were not schizophrenic! Including Paul!  What they said and taught in the “new” testament was the same thing that was taught in the “old” testament! Nothing was ‘done away with’ or ‘abolished!’

So, here is an excerpt from an article by Dr. Karl D. Coke, Ph.D., in Restore! magazine.  Have you ever thought about ‘what is God’s will for your life?


Are Believers Missing God’s Will for Their Lives Today?”

by Karl D. Coke, Ph.D.

“What is God’s eternal purpose for believers?  God’s eternal purpose for believers has always been for them to walk with Him in a “God-pleasing” lifestyle (Micah 6:8).  God’s Word gives all believers clear instruction on how to walk out that lifestyle.  However, the lack of knowledge concerning the word commandments causes most believers to set aside the idea of following God’s instructions and rely completely on God’s grace.

“Many Western believers naively call God’s instructions commandments.  Why?  The word commandments appears in English Bibles.  However, the English word commandments is a fourth generation translation of the original Hebrew word Torah.  The Hebrew root word for Torah means “to instruct.”  Yet, it remains translated commandments in English Bibles.  As the result, the very word commandments remains a negative, bondage-laden word among English-speaking believers who are told repeatedly, “You are freed from the Law.”  

Commandment is not a direct or an accurate translation of TorahTorah was firstly translated nomos in the Greek Septuagint translation of the Hebrew Bible.  Secondly, the Latin Vulgate version of the Greek Septuagint Bible translated nomos as  lex.  Thirdly, English translators, using the Latin Vulgate word lex chose the law.  This progression changed the original meaning of instruction to law.  So, today’s Believers avoid being put under the law–they are now allegedly freed to disobey God’s instructions due to God’s grace.

“Since the English word law is the only word known by English-speaking believers, they learn to walk comfortably with God in disobedience.  Walking with God in disobedience is done out of ignorance not deliberately.  When asked about disobeying God’s commandments, most explain their carnality by saying, “We are not under the Law, we are under grace.”  Sadly, this phrase is learned and then reinforced from pulpits.

[Excuse me….did you see that?  He said, “they learn to walk comfortably in disobedience.”  !!  “Disobedience“… we are ‘comfortable’ in our disobedience!!  Yes, we have been taught that we “don’t have to obey the Law because Jesus did it for us!”  That is a lie and we have bought it hook, line and sinker!  Now, I AM NOT saying that we must obey the “Law” for our Salvation!!!  Not at all!  BUT, it is the fruit of our salvation…we obey our Father BECAUSE WE LOVE HIM!]

“All believers are saved by grace through faith by the complete work of Jesus Christ.  No exceptions.  However, walking with God following one’s salvation is a completely different matter.  Once saved, how then shall we live?  While God continues to be gracious to all who believe, far too many rely upon His grace to hide their disobedience.  Remember, God’s Word gives all believers clear instructions on how to walk with God following their salvation.  If God’s own Word does not teach believers how to walk with Him, what other book does?

“Believers will always disobey God’s instructions following their salvation (Romans 7).  This is inevitable.  The solution to this inevitability is to not hide disobedience under God’s grace.  Rather each believer must determine to make it their goal to please Him (2 Corinthians 5:9).  This is not optional.  Once pleasing God is fixed as life’s goal, believers are then obliged to find out what pleases the LORD (Ephesians 5:10).  Finding out what pleases God according to John is to “…obey his commands and do what pleases him…”  (1 John 3:22).  In short, obeying His instructions pleases God.”

 This excerpt is used with permission by Dr. John Garr, of Restore! Magazine, Reformation Issue.  To order your copy, visit:  www.HebraicCommunity.org

Thank you for reading this blog entry!  I may continue more of these excerpts soon!

Blessings and shalom,


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