Christians Returning to the Jewish Roots of the Saturday Sabbath

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I remember on our first date… a date where –believe it or not– I brought along my daughter, Sandy, one of her girlfriends, my Aunt Lyn (my ‘other mother’), and Kyle, a friend of the Triesch family!  After going over to A Night in Old Fredericksburg, we came back and had a midnight snack of spaghetti sandwiches down on the patio by the river…the rest of the gang camped out, but Gene & I sat on the patio at the old wooden picnic table and talked all night long about our belief in God and what that looked like to each of us.

We both had come through studies that clearly indicated the Sabbath was on the 7th day of the week, NOT the first. It took us longer than we both prefer to admit to actually begin the practice of “keeping the Sabbath”… But, we have now “crossed over” and will never turn back.

I hope you will read the article below all the way to the end… this is a phenomenon that is making headlines in Israel!

We have met David Nekrutman…he spoke at the Dripping Springs United Methodist Church… We love to read Pete Rambo’s blog articles…and we listen to Hebrew Nation Radio out of Salem, Oregon!

Oh….and one more thing…we do NOT keep the 7th day Sabbath in order to acquire, hang onto, or preserve our salvation!  No one does, that we know of.  It is because we love Him that we keep His commandments! (John 14:15)

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Christians Returning to the Jewish Roots of the Saturday Sabbath

“I am Hashem your God; walk in My statutes and keep Mine ordinances and do them; and hallow My Shabbatot and they shall be a sign between Me and you that ye may know that I am Hashem your God.” Ezekiel 20:19-20 (The Israel Bible™)


Illustrative: a cup of wine, candles and challah that typically adorn the Sabbath table. (Photo:

Illustrative: a cup of wine, candles and challah that typically adorn the Sabbath table. (Photo:

More and more Christians are seeking their Hebrew roots and, as a result are changing their Sabbath from Sunday to Saturday. This one practice immediately sets them apart, pushing them into a no-man’s land in between Christianity and Judaism.  But they find the rewards far outweigh the difficulties.

Laura Densmore, production manager at Hebrew Nation radio, explained her journey away from a Sunday sabbath towards a practice resembling the Jewish. She changed her sabbath from Sunday to Saturday, but changed her practice as well. She described herself as a Hebrew roots believer to Breaking Israel News.


Laura Densmore (Photo: Courtesy)
Laura Densmore (Photo: Courtesy)

“We have crossed over and returned to the Hebrew roots of our faith,” Densmore explained, “And often, the very first step in that journey is to begin by keeping the Shabbat.”

“Keeping the Shabbat began with a change in identity.  I came OUT of the religious church system, where we did Sunday church for years and years. I knew that if I was going to be serious in my walk in following the God of Israel, that I needed to keep His commands as a sign of my love for Him.”

For Densmore, the benefits were obvious.

“It is a ‘little taste of heaven’,” Densmore said. “It’s a foreshadow of what it will be like when end of 6,000 years ends and day one of the final 1,000 years begins, when Moshiach (Messiah) will come and rule and reign for 1000 years.”

Pete Rambo is Operations Director of the B’ney Yosef movement and  an ordained, seminary-trained, Reformed Presbyterian minister. Rambo blogs about his Shabbat experience, which he says is a family journey. HIs family changed their observance to Saturday after his 16-year-old son researched the subject at length, leading to what he calls a “Hebraic perspective of Scripture”.

“Nine times Hashem (God) clearly articulates that the seventh day is the Shabbat,” Rambo explained to Breaking Israel News. “At no point, ever, does He even hint at a change. This is true even in the Apostolic writings (New Testament). Simply put, the day of the Sabbath never changed.”

Sunday church attendance is a communal event, and changing the day of his observance has cost Rambo dearly.

“Changing from Sunday worship to Shabbat cost me my job, many family relationships, many friends, but I would make the change all over again!” Rambo stated emphatically.

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