TRUTH OR CONSEQUENCES… a book review by Pete Rambo

TRUTH OR CONSEQUENCES: The Church in a Review

Review by Pete Rambo

For some weeks, I have had a new book laying on my nightstand, but time as not been available to read it until yesterday.  Gene Triesch’s Second Edition Truth or Consequences: Truth or ConsequencesThe Church in a Rearview Mirror is a terrific second book for the Truth seeker. (My best recommendation for first book is here.)  Available in paperback and for Kindle, I recommend this book as a solid general overview of the history of, and a brief articulate case for the future of, Israel.

Chapter six begins with a great summary paragraph for the whole book,

As I stated in the Foreword, the primary focus of this book is to emphasize the scriptural basis for Israel’s right to the land of Israel and to expose the error in the anti-Semitic teachings of the Church.  At the root of the divide between Jews and Christians is the Christian lack of understanding and practice of God’s Law, which has been handed down through the teachings and traditions of the Church.  Because of and across the divide, there is separation, which often results in enmity.  Much of the discord between Jews and Christians with regard to the Messiah is attributable to the Christian understanding of Paul’s writings and their inclination to minimize the importance of the Old Testament.

Besides considerable Scriptural quotes to make his case, Triesch offers many historical insights.  He cites from a broad number of sources within mainstrean Christianity as well as many contemporary Jewish, Messianic and Hebrew roots resources.  His case is well made in 200+ pages that could easily be expanded to thousands.

I especially enjoyed chapter nine, Modern Israel: The “Bully” of the Middle East?   Triesch does a fine job of introducing the complexity of the current Israeli situation and the ludicrous nature of world media’s claim that Israel is the problem.  He provides a thumbnail sketch of the last hundred years and how the unfolding of Arab oil influence has affected politics, media and ultimately negative public opinion of Israel, and opinion that is grossly undeserved and solidly anti-Biblical.

Of additional interest in the book are various ‘Personal Notes…’ and side bars with interesting additional information, stories and vignettes.

A personal, albeit minor, quibble in the book would be Triesch using Hebrews 8:13 in uncorrected format to make a point regarding the old and new covenant, stone v. heart.  I just know I have written about translator error in this verse, but cannot for the life of me find the post right now.  The fact is, the word ‘covenant’ does not appear in any Greek manuscript for this verse and as Triesch previous and correctly pointed out on the previous page, ‘the fault was with them,’ and I maintain as Triesch agrees that the subject of this section of Hebrews is the Priesthood, not the Covenant.  Maybe I need to add to my Lying Pen of the Scribes series to address this verse since I can’t find that post…  Hmmm.  Bottom-line, his point stands, but Hebrews 8:13 is not speaking about the covenant.

I do recommend this book to all, but especially those who need a solid retooling of errant Church tradition that minimizes the importance of Israel in present and future history and prophecy.  Order a copy for yourself and one to give away!!


Click here to read complete review… AND, read the comments below where you will see the explanation of the Hebrews 8:13 point that Pete raised in his Review above.  It is a very valid point that Pete makes and the note in the comment section explains it very well!

Blessings & shalom to you all,

Gene & LaVada

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