It All Started When Israel Fired Back… Again!

It All Started When Israel Fired Back… Again!

From Honest Reporting – “Defending Israel from Media Bias”

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Haven’t we been here before? Palestinian terrorists launch or attempt to launch rockets from Gaza on to Israeli towns and cities and Israel responds.

So who is ultimately responsible? And which side is engaged in aggressive acts and which is carrying out defensive measures? You’d think it was obvious.

But not to some of the media covering abarrage of Palestinian missiles that killed one Israeli, injured a number of others and brought terror to the residents of Israel’s south.

Indeed, HonestReporting’s new slideshow “Defending Israel Against Claims of Excessive Force” contains many examples of the kinds of reporting repeated below.



The BBC News site reported:

Five Palestinian militants have been killed in a number of Israeli air strikes on the south of the Gaza Strip.

The violence is the most serious since a major prisoner exchange deal earlier this month between Israel and Hamas, the Islamist militant group that governs in Gaza.

Melanie Phillips is on the case:

No mention of the Palestinian rocket attack on Ashdod last Wednesday. No mention of the 35 rocket attacks on Israel during the past day, nor the Israeli killed in Ashkelon. Instead, the BBC has given the false impression on its website that the Israelis initiated the attacks — and the only casualties it reported were Palestinian.

Read complete article here.

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